Basic knowledge of shower curtain purchase How to buy shower curtain


A shower curtain is a curtain-like item that hangs outside a bathtub, shower head, or shower. The shower curtain is mainly used to prevent the shower from splashing out of the shower; and to protect the person taking the shower. For small units, the shower curtain can also play a good role in the partition. Since then, bright and bright shower curtains can even change the style of the entire bathroom!




Understanding Shower Curtain Before Buying

Shower curtains are generally made of plastic or nylon and have a certain waterproof and windproof effect. Therefore, it is mainly used to prevent shower splashes from splashing outside the shower and maintain a certain thermal insulation effect.

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Do you use a shower curtain or a bath room? Listen to the experience of people who have been here before.


I have been doing home decoration for many years. In my design, I have always recommended the separation of dry and wet toilets, especially the kind of dark bathroom, where the indoor air does not circulate without windows, and the space is damp and easy to mold, which seriously affects our quality of life. So the most basic design is to design a partition in the bathing area, which can play a simple isolation effect.

Small Bathroom Favorite Shower Curtain Purchase Installation Tips


The width of natural stone guard strips is generally in three sizes: 3cm, 5cm and 6cm, and the small series is 5cm. Generally, there are two sizes for height, 1cm and 1.8cm, and the small series is 1.8cm. Some people like to install water retaining strips upright. Actually, there's no need. A height of 1.8cm is sufficient. If the water surface reaches 1.8cm, the floor drain has no drainage. This is not a problem with the water barrier, but a problem with the floor drain; the shower curtain that the small bathroom likes to buy installation tips

Shower curtain installation method


First of all, the shower area should have walls on three sides, and more importantly: there are "protruding rods" on both ends of the shower curtain rod ". What is an expansion rod? An "expansion rod" is a telescopic iron pipe. After both sides of the head, fix it with screws. The maximum load capacity of the "expansion rod" is usually 20kg. It can be used for bath towels, and the "expansion rod" can be replaced and replaced anytime and anywhere. It's convenient; a small bathroom is a favorite to buy a shower curtain.

Maintenance and cleaning of shower curtains


After showering, the shower curtain should be exposed to allow air circulation and prevent mold. It can be used to prevent mildew. Only one pack of silica gel can absorb water. If the stain cannot be removed, you need to buy a new shower curtain. Scrub with a sponge dipped in a little soapy water and trace water and dust on the shower room or doorway. Use an old toothbrush or cotton swab for cleaning. The shower door should be cleaned regularly with detergent or cloth soaked in vinegar water to prevent scale.