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  Ningbo Apex Household Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, specialized in manufacturing of home textiles products, especially in bathroom textiles, as well as tablecloths and storage. Also, we have home decoration such as window curtain, roller blind and zebra blind,etc. We concentrate in researching, designing and producing home textiles products in all kinds of materials, such as shower curtain, laundry basket, storage, tablecloths in polyester/PVC/PEVA/EVA, bath mats in PVC/rubber/acrylic/microfiber, and bathroom & table top accessories in ceramic/poly resin/plastic.

  Currently, we have hundreds of skilled workers and well-organized working space in more than 36,000 square meters. We also have a professional management team to constantly improve our quality/service system. We have passed the audit of ISO9001 and SA8000, which shows our responsibility to consumers and the society. Also, all our textile materials meet the requirement of Oeko-tex standard 100 in accordance with the new requirement of modern textiles. Furthermore, we have the unique patent of Hookless system for shower curtain and window curtain in china and all European countries, which provide our customers with special and distinctive products.

  Apex Household is always pursuing differentiation in marketing to meet the demands of different levels. We have customers around the world, especially in the west European countries such as Germany, UK, US, Spain, Switzerland and Russia.

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