Top ten bathroom shower curtains make bathroom more comfortable


The most important thing in the decoration of the bathroom can be said to beShower CurtainBecause the main function of the shower curtain is to block and protect privacy, and it can also prevent splashing around when bathing. Let's introduce some shower curtains together with the decoration network.

1. white plain and elegant oblique pull shower curtain

The moment you put down the shower curtain is also the moment you let go of your worries and exhaustion. At this moment, you just enjoy the sense of safety and comfort it brings, do not have to consider the troubles, just quietly enjoy ...... White plain and elegant diagonal shower curtain, add indoor gentle mood, the overall soft bathroom, quiet and gentle.


2. Wideband Stripe Shower Curtain

The shower curtain is a covering cloth in the bathroom and has a decorative effect. This diagonal wide striped shower curtain is made of polyester-cotton blended cloth and other raw materials. The cloth body is crisp, compact and delicate, smooth and smooth, and the color is soft. It not only has the characteristics of convenient washing of polyester products, quick-drying and non-ironing, but also has the advantages of breathable and comfortable cotton fabrics, and has good waterproof performance.


3. polyester-cotton blended fabric shower curtain


It is also a shower curtain made of polyester-cotton blended cloth crocheted. The color tone is neutral. The gray dots arranged in sequence on the white background and the use of wave dots add a lively atmosphere in the room. The addition of bright yellow in the later period brightens the entire space and allows people to maintain a relaxed and happy feeling!


4. red and white check shower curtain

The red and white plaid shower curtain looks like a completely different feeling in the bathroom. The push-pull design is light and convenient, which saves a lot of indoor space. The generous selection of red and white plaid shower curtain also adds a touch of bright color to the beige space, which is matched with simple sanitary ware, showing a clean space effect.  


5. elegant plain cotton and linen shower curtain

The elegant and plain cotton and linen shower curtain gives the space the most natural or fresh and natural style and atmosphere. This shower curtain is light in color, simple and clean, and is a natural icing on the cake with interior furnishings. Fabric partition in the home is not uncommon, small space bathroom can use this kind of design, will not take up space, but also can play a very good partition effect, and flexible.


6. striped edge shower curtain

With simple white as the main, only a black stripe around the edge, with the same black wallpaper, carpet, towel and other black elements to increase the bathroom, making the shower curtain become the echo of the overall color matching. Respect the black and white bathroom, the white and black coordinated fusion in the space, a slightly shiny black edge, so that the shower curtain is more prominent.


7. Painted Shower Curtain


The whole shower curtain is a timeless painting curtain. The black and white pictures show the flowery city belonging to the last century, with traces of history. The black and white pattern can play a good role in protecting privacy, and it is just right with the high backrest retro bathtub.


8. white light gauze curtain

Shower curtain is an indispensable household product in modern life. In addition to effectively dividing the bathroom space and preventing water splashing, it can also play an excellent decorative effect for the bathroom. This white light gauze curtain, refreshing and pleasant, light body, graceful posture, pure color, people can also experience the dreamy scene in the bath.


9. orange shower curtain

White space, as long as a touch of bright color, the whole space can be particularly prominent, this orange shower curtain is. The whole shower curtain is mainly orange, surrounded by white wide stripes to do hemming, showing a changeable and flexible visual effect.


10. white flower-embellished shower curtain

"The flowers are more colorful at the beginning of the light" is Baochai's excellent work of chanting white crabapple, which also reflects the beauty of white, fresh and elegant, extraordinary and free from vulgarity. The white flower-embellished shower curtain with relief effect and the simple fold decoration form a circle, blooming on the shower curtain like flowers, making the pastoral romance a unique way of interpretation.

Other News

Do you use a shower curtain or a bath room? Listen to the experience of people who have been here before.


I have been doing home decoration for many years. In my design, I have always recommended the separation of dry and wet toilets, especially the kind of dark bathroom, where the indoor air does not circulate without windows, and the space is damp and easy to mold, which seriously affects our quality of life. So the most basic design is to design a partition in the bathing area, which can play a simple isolation effect.

Small Bathroom Favorite Shower Curtain Purchase Installation Tips


The width of natural stone guard strips is generally in three sizes: 3cm, 5cm and 6cm, and the small series is 5cm. Generally, there are two sizes for height, 1cm and 1.8cm, and the small series is 1.8cm. Some people like to install water retaining strips upright. Actually, there's no need. A height of 1.8cm is sufficient. If the water surface reaches 1.8cm, the floor drain has no drainage. This is not a problem with the water barrier, but a problem with the floor drain; the shower curtain that the small bathroom likes to buy installation tips

Shower curtain installation method


First of all, the shower area should have walls on three sides, and more importantly: there are "protruding rods" on both ends of the shower curtain rod ". What is an expansion rod? An "expansion rod" is a telescopic iron pipe. After both sides of the head, fix it with screws. The maximum load capacity of the "expansion rod" is usually 20kg. It can be used for bath towels, and the "expansion rod" can be replaced and replaced anytime and anywhere. It's convenient; a small bathroom is a favorite to buy a shower curtain.